Summer Recap: Family Edition

I know it’s still hot outside, but now that kids are back to school it feels like we’re in the last days of Summer. Luckily for me the Mid-Atlantic will still have a couple more weeks, maybe months of warm weather before things start to cool down. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you a recap of our Summer – which places we enjoyed visiting the most as a family. Alex is at that age where he is exploring things – jumping, climbing, and rolling. If you follow my Instagram (@braidedlulu) these will not be a surprise for you.

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
We LOVE the Baltimore Zoo and so does Alex. Getting there is a bit tricky, but not impossible with a GPS on hand. The zoo is set up on fairly level ground which makes it really nice for the parents and little ones to walk through. I find the size of it to be perfect too – we can usually walk the entire zoo in two hours. The exhibits are not very large, when compared to other zoos, but you are much closer to the animals. This is nice because you can still see them even if they are hiding in their dens. Alex is obsessed with the rhinoceros! He is towards the front of the park so we always spend more time there, and usually have to circle around on our way out.

National Aquarium
Another favorite of our family. We usually start our day pretty early so the aquarium is still somewhat quiet. This is nice because we can take our time through each exhibit. The Blacktop Reef and Living Seashore are Alex’s favorite exhibits. He is starting to warm up to the dolphins.

Maryland Science Center
The MSC is great for kids of all ages. It offers a very hands on experience. The MSC is located towards the Western end of the Inner Harbor and things are a little more quiet on that side. The dinosaur exhibit is really neat and offers visitors the chance to excavate dinosaur bones. We particularly enjoy the kids section on the 4th floor. Because it has things that are all kid friendly we can really let Alex go to town on whatever activity he wants to do. The water table is always a big hit!

Parks, parks and more parks
Parks were our bread and butter this Summer. We are lucky enough to have several options in the area. It was nice be able to walk on a trail, or play on the playground or even throw some rock into the river. This is probably one of the activities I will miss the most once the weather turns cold.

I don’t know that there’s much explanation needed here. One word, FUN! Alex really enjoyed the pool this Summer and we were able to go almost every weekend. It was so nice to see how he became more and more comfortable. He is now practically on his own, with the help of the floating device. Again, we had an early start to pool days so we were able to enjoy most of the pool to ourselves before it got really loud and busy.

So, even though Summer is coming to an end, I am not that upset. We had a ton of fun and I know that next Summer will be even better. For now, I am ready for Fall – the BEST season. Can you tell I’m excited about Fall?

How was your Summer? Did you have a favorite place or activity you found yourself doing often? Anyone else as excited as a I for Fall?