Hi! I’m Lulu. Welcome to my blog!

I used to spend most of my time zigzagging between two different threads: work and home life. Two years ago things seem pretty straight forward and these two “‘lives” did not really intersect. After I became a mom I found myself holding a third thread. That’s when the ‘real’ fun began. In my blog you will find information related to these threads: beauty, mommy-hood, travel, etc. This is my braided life!

Here are a few facts about me:

  • I was born and raised in Puerto Rico – “Borcua de Pura Sepa!”
  • I am a mommy to a very active, but terribly cute toddler named Alex
  • I was very late to the whole makeup scene and am still working hard to catch up.
  • I love neutrals!

Feel free to leave me a comment, a question, or suggestions: braidedlulu@gmail.com


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