Outfit Recap: Seattle Edition

Hello Lovelies!

I love basics and neutrals. When it comes to makeup I prefer to have a nice base, black eyeliner and neutral lip. Clothing? All I need is black and white. After becoming a mom I appreciate basics and neutrals even more. I don’t have time to fuss around with multiple eyeshadows and trying to match a mildly colorful outfit at 530am. So, I have been dabbing into the concept of a capsule wardrobe. The basic idea is that you give yourself a specified amount of clothing items to live with for one season, no more purchases until the next season comes around. Part of what you work on is a color palette you will work with. I am simplifying this A LOT but I hope to have a more detailed post for you soon.

Given that I am most happy with black and white it is not difficult for me to come up with a wardrobe. The best part is that this has mostly eliminated those days where I look at my closet and feel like I haven nothing to wear. I started working on this last Fall as a way to update my closet and finally get some much needed Spring clothing post pregnancy. The timing of our trip to Seattle was just perfect.

For my everyday items I decided to play around with gray – SO risky! I took advantage of the 40% discount at Gap and got me a few basics that can be dressed up or down. (NO, this is not a sponsored post.)  I added a couple of shirts in Navy Blue and got some bright pink flats that would match with everything I had purchased. Just in case I felt adventurous!

My favorite outfits are these two: These distressed black (straight leg) jeans with a comfy T-shirt and the pink flats. You can dress up this outfit by wearing heels and a nice jacket, or with ankle boots and a sexy top. The versatility is part of what makes my life easy and why I love outfits like this.




Now, when it comes to special events I almost always go for black outfits. To me dressing in  black is so elegant and sexy at the same time. I picked this dress for my relatives wedding. I don’t love halter tops on me but this one is pretty comfortable. It is a super log dress and I like that because I don’t have to worry if I need to bend to talk to Alex or pick him up. There is a slit in the front that goes up above my knee – this adds a touch of sexiness to the dress.



I used black stalkings and simple black heels, purely because I wanted to be 100% comfortable running around a toddler. I used some nice, strap heels and no stalking for a Holiday party back in December. I kept my hair pretty simple this time too as it ends up going up in a pony tail or messy bun eventually.

I hope you liked these outfits and some of the ideas behind having basics in your wardrobe.


What are your favorite outfits?